Another Furality is on the books, and again I’ve found myself impressed by the sheer amount of creativity on display in our community. Of course, that’s not at all unique to Furality, or VR/VRChat, but this time around has gotten me really thinking about we all contribute to the community.

The Event

Of course, the event itself is the creative output of a huge team of people working tirelessly for the past year, and that really shows in the theme and world design. The back story behind the theme is inspiring, and showcased through immensely detailed worlds with breathtaking views. This creates a level of immersion in the story that is hard to match at other events.

The Submissions

Like any convention, there’s a large focus on community submissions – panels, videos, skits, artwork, music, and more. There were a few specific highlights for me:

The community showcase was an amazing experience, with everything from skits to music videos. What struck me was both the variety of the types of submissions, as well as the level of polish put in to make each work look like a professional production.

Club F.Y.N.N. and the DJs are another example, but this is no surprise – Furality’s DJs are always excellent, and I know a number of this year’s DJs and am familiar with their work, and know how much work they put in to create something amazing.

The Attendees

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Furality is the degree to which its attendees participate in the theme. A huge number of attendees customized their avatars just for this event, from simple additions like badges, to custom clothing, to audio-reactive effects.

The important part about this is that I think that many of us don’t tend to think of ourselves as “artists”, exactly – I have struggled for years with thinking of myself as lacking creativity, and not being very artistic. But if we just try, all of us can create something wonderful, and that is something that makes this community so great.