I first began playing VRChat in 2020, in order to check out this new VR convention I’d heard about called Furality. I quickly became hooked, and started to learn more about the possibilities.

Rather than commissioning a custom avatar, I learned that base avatars are readily available, and learned to retexture my own, and even made some custom modifications to different bases to match my character.

After attending the club at the various Furality conventions, I got involved in the furry club scene outside of conventions – including DJing at some events.

  • Happy Holidays!
    It’s almost the new year, and that means it’s a time for celebration with friends, reminiscing on this past crazy year, and looking forward to the next one. For those celebrating virtually in VRChat, I’d love to invite you to join me at two upcoming events! I will be performing … Read more
  • Welcome to Club Fallback!
    A few months ago, a couple of friends and I ran a little popup club in VRChat on a night that was empty due to the usual event that night moving to Saturday in order to run longer. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it was a huge success … Read more

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