Hi, I'm Wren!

Hello there! I'm Wren, I'm a mouse, and I like to make things.


I regularly play VRChat, and do avatar retexturing and some base model modification.


You can usually find me running around at conventions with several cameras, getting photos of fursuiters. If you see me with the instant camera, ask me for a shot to take home!


I play DJ sets at venues in VRChat, and stream live sets. Come listen and groove!


In my day job I'm a senior software engineer, working on web sites, backend tools, and infrastructure. I also do some work in my spare time (like this website!)


In my spare time I tinker with electronics projects, primarily microcontrollers.


Happy Holidays!

It’s almost the new year, and that means it’s a time for celebration with friends, reminiscing on this past crazy year, and looking forward to the next one. For those celebrating virtually in VRChat, I’d … Read more

Welcome to Club Fallback!

A few months ago, a couple of friends and I ran a little popup club in VRChat on a night that was empty due to the usual event that night moving to Saturday in order … Read more

I’m alive, I swear!

It’s busy… too busy… Soon I’m going to start writing posts about the various projects I’m working on, and start uploading photos as I process them (though a lot of my prior work is on … Read more

Hello, World!

Hello, and welcome to my site! After quite a while I’m finally putting in the effort to maintain a personal website again. My old site was very outdated, difficult to maintain (so I just didn’t), … Read more

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